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About/How Funds Will Be Used

While YAIM is a non-profit organization to support youth athletes in need of financial assistance, we are well aware of the other more important issues that are currently going on, and we want to help. Below is how the proceeds will be distributed:

1/3: George Floyd Memorial Fund/Racial Justice Cause: Assuming you know whats been going on, we want to do our part and help support. We believe all lives cant matter until black lives matter. We are currently doing are due diligence to find the right organization(s) to help and support. 

1/3: Help those who require financial assistance due to COVID-19: Our hearts are heavy who have been impacted from COVID-19 and we would love to help those that we can get through these tough times.


1/3: High school student-athletes who lost their senior season due to COVID-19: To Elaborate, many student athletes were relying on their senior season for a chance to get a scholarship. We would like to give these student athletes a second chance by paying 1-2 semesters of their college so they can earn a scholarship. 

"Don't Become A Fan Later" is for anybody who is working hard towards their goals in life and for those who don't have any believers for what they are trying to accomplish in life. Whether you are pursuing your college degree, an athlete, entrepreneur, music artist (to name a few), this shirt is for you! 

Shirts start at $19.99, and each purchase is 100% tax deductible! (when you file your taxes, the amount from your purchases will be deducted)

For any questions or concerns please email: